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China Railway Corporation

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Model Built Depot Note
Х.655 Other
DF7C-5392 Other
DF7C-5393 DF7 Other
DF7-6030 DF7 Other
Ел.605 El Other
HXD2B-0229 HXD2(HXD2B , HXD2C, HXD2F) Other
HXD2B-0282 HXD2(HXD2B , HXD2C, HXD2F) Other
HXD3B-0433 HXD3B Other
Х.655 Kh Other
Б.180 Kh 1898 Other Памятник в городе Чанчунь, КНР.
Б.210 Kh 1899 Other
Б.223 Kh 1899 Other
Б.225 Kh 1899 Other
SY 0017 SY Other Fangzi Coal Mine Heritage Park, Weifang
SY 0024 SY Other Maanshan Iron & Steel Co, Ltd.
SY 0051 SY Other Hubei Huangshi National Mine park
SY 0053 SY Other Maanshan Iron & Steel Co, Ltd.
SY 0057 SY Other Dalian Software Park
SY 0072 SY Other Lingyuan Iron and Steel Group Corporation
SY 0192 SY Other Chengbei New District, Duyun
SY 0194 SY Other Lanzhou JiaoTong University
SY 0223 SY Other Changchun Park
SY 0232 SY Other Yakeshi Railway Station
SY 0309 SY Other Dashanzi Art District, Beijing
SY 0320 SY Other Panzhihua Third-line Construction Museum
SY 0359 SY Other Shanghai Junior College of Tourism
SY 0368 SY Other Gourmet Mansion in Nanjing
SY 0381 SY Other Discovery Park, Hengyang
SY 0388 SY Other Yunnan Railway Museum
SY 0405 SY Other Liupanshui Third-line Construction Museum
SY 0427 SY Other Tianjin Haijin Bridge Park
SY 0452 SY Other Mudanjiang Railway Station
SY 0465 SY Other Sichuan International Tourism Trade Fair Center
SY 0477 SY Other Hengdaohezi Locomotive Depot, Mudanjiang
SY 0514 SY Other Xiaoyutuo Railway Station, Chongqing
SY 0516 SY Other Jiayang National Mine Park Museum
SY 0590 SY Other Suifenhe Great Railway House
SY 0652 SY Other Dalian Modern Museum
SY 0862 SY Other Shanghai Chedun Film Base
SY 1000 SY Other Liuzhou Locomotive and Rolling Stock Works
SY 1004 SY Other Shandong Jiaotong University
SY 1034 SY Other Lintong Longhai Railway Park (SY 1088)
SY 1085 SY Other China Academy of Railway Sciences
SY 1096 SY Other Shenyang Railway Museum
SY 1504 SY Other Liuzhou Industrial Museum
SY 1670 SY Other Shanghai Institute of Technology
SY 1701 SY Other Hangzhou Baita Park
SY 1702 SY Other Guilin University of Aerospace Technology
SY 1748 SY Other Shanghai Youth Square
SY 1771 SY Other
SY 1770 SY 07.1995 Other

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Color coding

In operation
New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Abandoned / Dead storage
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Refurbishment (change of the serial number)
Transferred to another depot
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)


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