Railway District/Company:Moscow Railway
Depot:TCh-22 Novomoskovsk-I (EMU)
Builder:Torzhok Car Building Plant  
Category:Electric Suburban
Current condition: Out of order 

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Entries with the same name:
Model Depot Built Note
ЭТ2Р-901 ET2R Uch. Rybnoe (EMU) 1997 ЭР2К-914
ЭТ2Р-901 ET2R Novomoskovsk-I (EMU) 1997 ЭР2К-914
ЭТ2Р-901 ET2R Novomoskovsk-I (EMU) 04.09.1997
ЭТ2Р-901 ET2R Ramenskoye (EMU) 04.09.1997 ЭР2К-914; участок Рыбное

Lists of rolling stock:
—  Moscow Railway → TCh-22 Novomoskovsk-I (EMU) → ET2R
—  Moscow Railway → TCh-22 Novomoskovsk-I (EMU)
—  Moscow Railway → ET2R
—  ET2R