Rail vehicles without photos

Transnistrian railroad, Depo Bender

Here are the rail vehicles with no photos during at least the last year.
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YearsModelDepotNoteLast PhotoTotal Photos
2ТЭ10Л-2145 2TE10L, 2TE10V Bender 0
2ТЭ10Л-2248 2TE10L, 2TE10V Bender 0
2ТЭ10М-0005 2TE10M, 3TE10M Bender 0
2ТЭ10У-0554 2TE10U Bender 0
3ТЭ10М-0045 2TE10M, 3TE10M Bender 0
3ТЭ10М-1232 2TE10M, 3TE10M Bender 0
3ТЭ10М-1259 2TE10M, 3TE10M Bender 0
ЧМЭ3-2454 ChME3 Bender 0
ЧМЭ3-2938 ChME3 Bender 0
ЧМЭ3-3871 ChME3 Bender 0
ЧМЭ3-4702 ChME3 Bender 0
ЧМЭ3-4912 ChME3 Bender 0
ЧМЭ3-5335 ChME3 Bender 0
ЧМЭ3Э-6767 ChME3 Bender 0
ЧМЭ3Э-6771 ChME3 Bender 0