Rail vehicles without photos

Algerian Railways, Alger

Here are the rail vehicles with no photos during at least the last year.
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YearsModelDepotNoteLast PhotoTotal Photos
060DH05 GT22CW-2 Alger 0
060DJ23 U18C Alger 0
060DJ24 U18C Alger 0
060DL03 GT26W Alger 0
060DM02 GT26W Alger 0
060DM03 G26HCW-2 Alger 0
060DR16 GT36HCW Alger 0
060DS09 GT36HCW Alger 0
060DS11 GT36HCW Alger 0
541 136 Stadler FLIRT (EMU) Alger 0
GK1C-0449 (Not in the list) Alger 0