Rail vehicles without photos

Southern Railways, "Build" Industrial

Here are the rail vehicles with no photos during at least the last year.
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YearsModelDepotNoteLast PhotoTotal Photos
КДЭ161-884 KDE161 "Build" In 0
КЖДЭ16-343 KZhDE16 "Build" In 0
ТГМ4-1510 TGM4 "Build" In 0
ТГМ4-2721 TGM4 "Build" In 0
ТГМ4-803 TGM4 "Build" In 0
ТГМ4А-2386 TGM4A, TGM4L "Build" In 0
ТГМ4А-2722 TGM4A, TGM4L "Build" In 0
ТГМ4А-2851 TGM4A, TGM4L "Build" In 0
ТЭМ2-2485 TEM2, TEM2A "Build" In 0
ТЭМ2-2722 TEM2, TEM2A "Build" In 0
ЦУМ32 TcUMZ2 "Build" In 0