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»  2М62-0665, 2ТЭ25АМ-002, Д1-431, ТЭМ18ДМ-254, ТЭМ18ДМ-265, ЭР2К-590.
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»  2М62-0730, Д1-590, ДР1А-304, ТЭП70-0518, ЭТ2М-073.
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»  Д1-475, ДМ62-1764, ТЭМ18Д-010, ТЭМ18ДМ-255, ТЭП70-0518, ТЭП70БС-303.
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1st place: М62-039 — 125 photos
2nd place: Forts — 9 photos
3rd place: Bremze — 3 photos

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