2ЭС6-224West Siberian railwayTChE-2 Omsk
TChE-12 Tayga
Kuybyshev RailwayTChE-12 Kinel'

Railway District/Company:West Siberian railway
Depot:TChE-2 Omsk
Model:2ES6 Sinara
Category:Main Electric Locomotives
Current condition: In operation 
С завода поступил в депо Омск Западно-Сибирской ж.д.
09.2014 — передан в депо Тайга
07.2017 — передан в депо Кинель

ТР-600 СЛД-11 Тайга 03.2017 г.

Depot:TChE-2 Omsk
Current location and condition are unknown
Depot:TChE-12 Tayga
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Railway District/Company:West Siberian railway
Depot:TChE-12 Tayga
Railway District/Company:Kuybyshev Railway
Depot:TChE-12 Kinel'
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Lists of rolling stock:
—  West Siberian railway → TChE-2 Omsk → 2ES6 Sinara
—  West Siberian railway → TChE-12 Tayga → 2ES6 Sinara
—  Kuybyshev Railway → TChE-12 Kinel' → 2ES6 Sinara
—  West Siberian railway → TChE-2 Omsk
—  West Siberian railway → TChE-12 Tayga
—  Kuybyshev Railway → TChE-12 Kinel'
—  West Siberian railway → 2ES6 Sinara
—  Kuybyshev Railway → 2ES6 Sinara
—  2ES6 Sinara