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Far Eastern RailwayTChE-15 Yuzhno-sahalinskoe
TChE-9 Komsomol'sk
 Moscow RailwayTChE-2 Likhobory-Okruzhnye

Railway District/Company:Far Eastern Railway
Depot:TChE-15 Yuzhno-sahalinskoe
Builder:Voroshilovgrad Octoberrevolution Locomotive works  
Identification number:16311631/16311649
Category:Main Diesel Locomotives
Current condition: In operation 
С завода поступил в депо Лихоборы Московской ж. д.

08.2002 – СР
__.2014 – ТР-3 СЛД-49 Унеча (после ТР не работал)
01.2019 – КР Мичуринский ЛРЗ, установлены дизели 2Д49

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Depot:TChE-15 Yuzhno-sahalinskoe
Transferred to another depot
May 2019 (approximately)
Depot:TChE-9 Komsomol'sk
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Railway District/Company:Far Eastern Railway
Depot:TChE-9 Komsomol'sk
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
April 2019
Railway District/Company:Moscow Railway
Depot:TChE-2 Likhobory-Okruzhnye
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Россия, Москва, депо Лихоборы

Sunday, April 24, 2011
Author: Лебедевский

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Lists of rolling stock:
—  Far Eastern Railway → TChE-15 Yuzhno-sahalinskoe → 2M62U
—  Far Eastern Railway → TChE-9 Komsomol'sk → 2M62U
—  Moscow Railway → TChE-2 Likhobory-Okruzhnye → 2M62U
—  Far Eastern Railway → TChE-15 Yuzhno-sahalinskoe
—  Far Eastern Railway → TChE-9 Komsomol'sk
—  Moscow Railway → TChE-2 Likhobory-Okruzhnye
—  Far Eastern Railway → 2M62U
—  Moscow Railway → 2M62U
—  2M62U