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Built Written off Railway Depot Note
ВЛ22М-185 04.1947 North Caucasus Railway Monuments
ВЛ22М-216 Abkhazian Railway Suhum
ВЛ22М-249 Abkhazian Railway Suhum
ВЛ22М-287 1949 1989 South Urals Railways Monuments ЧЭРЗ
ВЛ22М-290 Abkhazian Railway Suhum
ВЛ22М-308 1949 1997 Sverdlovsk Railway Serov
ВЛ22М-421 1950 1988 Sverdlovsk Railway Smichka
ВЛ22М-826 1952 01.1982 October Railway Mosow-October
ВЛ22М-1000 1953 Cisdnieper Railways Dnepr.
ВЛ22М-1011 1953 Cisdnieper Railways Pjatihatki
ВЛ22М-1051 1953 1997 Sverdlovsk Railway Smichka
ВЛ22М-1052 1953 1987 Sverdlovsk Railway Serov
ВЛ22М-1061 1953 1997 Sverdlovsk Railway Kamiensk-Ural'sky
ВЛ22М-1073 1953 Cisdnieper Railways Sinel'nikovo
ВЛ22М-1292 1955 Azerbaijan Railways Other
ВЛ22М-1295 1955 Moscow Railway Moscow-Paveleckaya
ВЛ22М-1295 1955 2000 Sverdlovsk Railway Bereznyaki
ВЛ22М-1296 1955 Moscow Railway Moscow-Paveleckaya
ВЛ22М-1297 1955 Moscow Railway Moscow-Paveleckaya
ВЛ22М-1849 1957 South Urals Railways ChMK Маневровое обозначение № 118
ВЛ22М-1899 02.1958 03.1997 Sverdlovsk Railway Smichka
ВЛ22М-1901 1958 1997 Sverdlovsk Railway Serov
ВЛ22М-1903 1958 1994 Sverdlovsk Railway Perm'-Sorting
ВЛ22М-1904 1958 1994 Sverdlovsk Railway Perm'-Sorting

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Color coding

In operation
New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Abandoned / Dead storage
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Refurbishment (change of the serial number)
Transferred to another depot
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)


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