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Serial type Works number ID number Built Written off Railway Depot Note
ЧМЭ2-ХХХ Cisdnieper Railways Other
ЧМЭ2-ххх Gorky Railway Vladimir
ЧМЭ2-045 4608 1960 2012 Odessa Railways Odessa-Sort.
ЧМЭ2-046 4609 1960 1995 Belarusian Railway VSZ-Gomel
ЧМЭ2-049 4612 1960 Odessa Railways Odessa-Sort.
ЧМЭ2-054 4617 1960 Odessa Railways Odessa-Sort.
ЧМЭ2-069 1961 Odessa Railways Odessa-Sort.
ЧМЭ2-070 1961 Odessa Railways Odessa-Sort.
ЧМЭ2-090 4813 1961 1997 Southwestern Railways Private Киевский ЭВРЗ
ЧМЭ2-091 1961 Odessa Railways "Nika-Tera"
ЧМЭ2-093 1961 Odessa Railways Hristinovka
ЧМЭ2-094 1961 Odessa Railways Odessa-Sort.
ЧМЭ2-096 1961 Odessa Railways Odessa-Sort.
ЧМЭ2-097 1961 Odessa Railways Odessa-Sort.
ЧМЭ2-099 1961 1995 Odessa Railways Private Ильичевский морской рыбный порт
ЧМЭ2-100 1961 Southwestern Railways Private ОАО "Киевский ЭВРЗ"
ЧМЭ2-108 1961 Odessa Railways "Nika-Tera"
ЧМЭ2-112 1961 Odessa Railways Private Сигнаевский КХП (ст. Сигнаевка)
ЧМЭ2-120 1961 Moscow Railway Moscow Museum
ЧМЭ2-121 II serie 11.1961 Moscow Railway Promtechdepo Подменен тепловозом ЧМЭ2-120
ЧМЭ2-136 1961 Odessa Railways Private Хлебная база № 86 (ст. Христиновка)
ЧМЭ2-140 1962 Odessa Railways Odessa-Sort.
ЧМЭ2-143 1962 Odessa Railways Odessa-Sort.
ЧМЭ2-148 15501489 1962 Odessa Railways Odessa-Sort.
ЧМЭ2-154 5248 09.1962 Odessa Railways Odessa-Sort.
ЧМЭ2-159 10.1962 Privolzhsk (Volga) Railway Volgograd-Pass. Списан
ЧМЭ2-161 1962 Southwestern Railways Private ПАО «Киевский ЭВРЗ»
ЧМЭ2-162 1962 Odessa Railways Other
ЧМЭ2-171 5296 1962 Cisdnieper Railways Private
ЧМЭ2-176 1962 Odessa Railways Odessa-Sort.
ЧМЭ2-177 1962 Gorky Railway Vladimir
ЧМЭ2-179 1962 Cisdnieper Railways Simferopol
ЧМЭ2-181 1962 Cisdnieper Railways Simferopol
ЧМЭ2-184 1962 Cisdnieper Railways Private
ЧМЭ2-190 1962 Southwestern Railways Darnitsa
ЧМЭ2-196 1962 Southwestern Railways Darnitsa
ЧМЭ2-199 1962 Southwestern Railways Konotop
ЧМЭ2-201 1962 Southwestern Railways Private АО "Ветропак Гостомельский стеклозавод"
ЧМЭ2-202 1962 Southwestern Railways Darnitsa
ЧМЭ2-206 1962 Southwestern Railways Darnitsa
ЧМЭ2-209 5295 1962 Belarusian Railway Brest Museum
ЧМЭ2-210 1962 Southwestern Railways Private ОАО "Киевский ЭВРЗ"
ЧМЭ2-211 II serie 5305 15502115 1962 Moscow Railway Private ОАО "Криогенмаш", Балашиха
ЧМЭ2-213 serie III 5792 04.03.1963 Southwestern Railways Private АНТК им. Антонова (ст. Буча)
ЧМЭ2-215 1963 Southwestern Railways Darnitsky СRP
ЧМЭ2-217 1963 Southwestern Railways Darnitsa
ЧМЭ2-222 Southwestern Railways Darnitsa
ЧМЭ2-226 Cisdnieper Railways Private Крымвтормет
ЧМЭ2-228 5817 1963 Odessa Railways Private Тальновский КХП (ст. Тальное)
ЧМЭ2-239 1963 L'viv Railways Service cars Стрыйский вагоноремонтный завод
ЧМЭ2-256 1963 Odessa Railways Private
ЧМЭ2-263 1963 L'viv Railways Private Стрыйский вагоноремонтный завод
ЧМЭ2-266 III serie 5855 14.05.1963 Privolzhsk (Volga) Railway Other
ЧМЭ2-271 III serie 5860 1963 L'viv Railways Private Стрыйский вагоноремонтный завод
ЧМЭ2-272 III serie 5861 1963 Odessa Railways Private Долинский элеватор “Прометей” (ст. Долинская)
ЧМЭ2-293 5932 15502933 26.10.1963 Northern Railway Losta Консервация
ЧМЭ2-295 1963 Gorky Railway Vladimir
ЧМЭ2-305 1963 Southwestern Railways Kazatin
ЧМЭ2-306 1963 Southwestern Railways Darnitsa
ЧМЭ2-309 1963 Gorky Railway Tumskaya
ЧМЭ2-310 11.1963 Southwestern Railways Darnitsa
ЧМЭ2-317 5956 15506025 15.05.1963 Southwestern Railways Zhmerinka
ЧМЭ2-319 Southwestern Railways Private Жмеринский вагоноремонтный завод
ЧМЭ2-320 1963 Southwestern Railways Service ВЧД-5 Коростень
ЧМЭ2-321 1963 2021 Southwestern Railways Private Кожанский сахарный завод (ст. Кожанка)
ЧМЭ2-322 12.1963 Southwestern Railways Darnitsa
ЧМЭ2-324 1963 Southwestern Railways Private Жмеринский ВРЗ "Экспрес"
ЧМЭ2-325 1963 Odessa Railways Odessa-Sort.
ЧМЭ2-326 1963 Southwestern Railways Private Толкачевский ГОК (ст. Толкачевский)
ЧМЭ2-328 1963 Odessa Railways Hristinovka
ЧМЭ2-331 5970 15.12.1963 Southwestern Railways Chernihiv
ЧМЭ2-333 5972 01.1964 Southwestern Railways Kiev Museum
ЧМЭ2-334 1964 Cisdnieper Railways Simferopol
ЧМЭ2-337 1964 Cisdnieper Railways Other
ЧМЭ2-344 1964 Gorky Railway Gorkiy-Moskovskiy
ЧМЭ2-357 IV serie 1965 11.1996 Belarusian Railway VSZ-Gomel
ЧМЭ2-364 15503642 1964 2019 Northern Railway Buy
ЧМЭ2-365 1964 Northern Railway Private Ярославский ВРЗ
ЧМЭ2-376 1964 Gorky Railway Vladimir
ЧМЭ2-381 1964 Gorky Railway Vladimir
ЧМЭ2-395 1964 Southwestern Railways Private Конотопский ВРЗ
ЧМЭ2-401 1964 L'viv Railways Private Стрыйский вагоноремонтный завод
ЧМЭ2-407 6232 06.11.1964 Odessa Railways Other
ЧМЭ2-410 1964 Southwestern Railways Other
ЧМЭ2-418 1965 03.2006 L'viv Railways Private ЧАО "Львовский локомотиворемонтный завод"
ЧМЭ2-421 1965 Cisdnieper Railways Private Днепропетровский стрелочный завод
ЧМЭ2-423 1965 Moscow Railway Moskva-Kievskaya
ЧМЭ2-427 1965 Cisdnieper Railways Private
ЧМЭ2-438 V serie 6030 13.01.1965 09.2001 Southwestern Railways Zhmerinka
ЧМЭ2-457 6051 1965 L'viv Railways Private ст. Батево
ЧМЭ2-465 1965 Southwestern Railways Zhmerinka
ЧМЭ2-467 6061 15.04.1965 Southwestern Railways Other Подменен ЧМЭ2-333
ЧМЭ2-468 1965 Southwestern Railways Private Солодовенний завод, станция Славута
ЧМЭ2-469 1965 2019 Southwestern Railways Private Конотопский ВРЗ
ЧМЭ2-475 1965 L'viv Railways Private "Терминал Карпаты" (ст. Батево). Колея 1435 мм
ЧМЭ2-479 1965 Cisdnieper Railways Private ПАО "Днепропетровский стрелочный завод"
ЧМЭ2-481 1965 L'viv Railways Stryj
ЧМЭ2-491 1965 2010 Southwestern Railways Darnitsa
ЧМЭ2-493 1965 Southwestern Railways Konotop
ЧМЭ2-495 1965 ???? Belarusian Railway Private Асфальто-бетонный завод "Калининский"
ЧМЭ2-495 1965 Belarusian Railway Private СЗАО "Асфальтобетонный завод" г. Минск
ЧМЭ2-497 1965 Southwestern Railways Private Миропольский карьер
ЧМЭ2-499 1965 2009 Moldovan Railways Industrial vehicles Кишинёвский хлебокомбинат
ЧМЭ2-501 1965 L'viv Railways Chernovcy
ЧМЭ2-506 05.1965 L'viv Railways Mukachevo
ЧМЭ2-507 1965 Odessa Railways "Nika-Tera"
ЧМЭ2-508 1965 West Siberian railway Akulinin Museum of Railway dev
ЧМЭ2-512 1965 Cisdnieper Railways Private Днепропетровский стрелочный завод
ЧМЭ2-514 6492 1965 2014 Southern Railways Private
ЧМЭ2-515 6493 15506074 07.07.1965 05.02.2013 L'viv Railways L'vov
ЧМЭ2-516 6494 1965 09.2013 L'viv Railways RPCh-4 Kolomyia, DMU
ЧМЭ2-517 6495 1965 L'viv Railways Private ЧАО "Львовский локомотиворемонтный завод"
ЧМЭ2-519 6497 1965 L'viv Railways L'vov-Zapad ТД Стрый
ЧМЭ2-521 1965 L'viv Railways L'vov-Zapad
ЧМЭ2-522 1965 L'viv Railways Chernovcy

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Color coding

In operation
New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Abandoned / Dead storage
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Refurbishment (change of the serial number)
Transferred to another depot
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
Monument/Museum exhibit/Trainer


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