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Built Written off Railway Depot Note
ТУ6Д-001 1976 North Caucasus Railway Apsheronsk
ТУ6Д-0037 1980 October Railway Tver built materials plant # 2
ТУ6Д-0038 Belarusian Railway ZTBZ
ТУ6Д-0056 1980 Southwestern Railways Narrow gauge industr Бучманский торфобрикетный завод
ТУ6ДМБ-0071 1981 Belarusian Railway PBP Vitebsky
ТУ6Д-0099 Belarusian Railway stbz
ТУ6Д-0116 1982 Southwestern Railways Narrow gauge industr Озерянский торфобрикетный завод
ТУ6Д-0117 1982 Belarusian Railway PBP Lyakhovichsky
ТУ6Д-0171 1983 L'viv Railways Vygoda forest
ТУ6Д-0183 2015 Estonian Railway Tootsi Turvas AS
ТУ6Д-0189 1984 Belarusian Railway Ditva
ТУ6Д-0308 1986 L'viv Railways Stoyanov
ТУ6Д-0326 1987 L'viv Railways Private Усть-Чернянский ЛПХ
ТУ6Д-0333 1987 L'viv Railways Smyhatorf

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Color coding

In operation
New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Abandoned / Dead storage
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Refurbishment (change of the serial number)
Transferred to another depot
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
Monument/Museum exhibit/Trainer


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