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Дальнейшее усовершенствование серии ТЭ10С, оснащены редукторами под конструкционную скорость 120 км/ч и тормозами пассажирского типа

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ID number Built Railway Depot Note
2ТЭ10УТ-0001 16030017/16030025 09.1989 Northern Railway Isakogorka 001Б/038А
2ТЭ10УТ-0002 16030033/16030041 30.10.1989 Northern Railway Pechora
2ТЭ10УТ-0003 16030058/16030066 Northern Railway Pechora
2ТЭ10УТ-0004 10.1989 Northern Railway Isakogorka
2ТЭ10УТ-0004 16030074/16030082 30.10.1989 Northern Railway Isakogorka 2ТЭ10УТК
2ТЭ10УТ-0005 16030090/16030108 21.11.1989 Northern Railway Isakogorka "45 лет БАМу"
2ТЭ10УТ-0006 16030116/16030124 Northern Railway Pechora Д49; 0006А/0040Б
2ТЭ10УТ-0007 11.1989 Northern Railway Isakogorka
2ТЭ10УТ-0007 16030132/16030140 29.11.1989 Northern Railway Isakogorka
2ТЭ10УТ-0008 16030157/16030165 20.12.1989 Northern Railway Pechora
2ТЭ10УТ-0009 16030173/16030181 1989 Northern Railway Sol'vychegodsk
2ТЭ10УТ-0010 16030199/16030207 1990 Northern Railway Pechora 2ТЭ10УТК
2ТЭ10УТ-0011 16030215/16030223 1990 Northern Railway Ivanovo 2ТЭ10УТК
2ТЭ10УТ-0012 1990 Northern Railway Isakogorka
2ТЭ10УТ-0012 16030231/16030249 1990 Northern Railway Vorkuta
2ТЭ10УТ-0013 29.06.1990 Northern Railway Pechora 2ТЭ10УТК
2ТЭ10УТ-0018 09.1990 Odessa Railways Nikolaev
2ТЭ10УТ-0022 16030439/16030447 01.10.1990 Northern Railway Pechora 2ТЭ10УТК; "45 лет БАМу"
2ТЭ10УТ-0026 16030512/16030520 1991 Far Eastern Railway Tynda
2ТЭ10УТ-0027 16030538/16030546 29.01.1991 Northern Railway Vorkuta 2ТЭ10УТК
2ТЭ10УТ-0029 1991 Odessa Railways Nikolaev ТЧ-13 Черновцы ЛьвЖД
2ТЭ10УТ-0034 1991 Odessa Railways Shevchenko ТЧ-13 Черновцы ЛьвЖД
2ТЭ10УТ-0035 1991 Odessa Railways Shevchenko ТЧ-13 Черновцы ЛьвЖД
2ТЭ10УТ-0037 07.1991 Far Eastern Railway Tynda 2ТЭ10УТК
2ТЭ10УТ-0037 07.1991 Northern Railway Ivanovo
2ТЭ10УТ-0048 16030959/16030967 1992 Northern Railway Vorkuta
2ТЭ10УТ-0050 16030991/16031007 1992 Far Eastern Railway Tynda 2ТЭ10УТК-0050Б/0049А
2ТЭ10УТ-0051 16031015/16031023 1992 Northern Railway Pechora
2ТЭ10УТ-0052 16031031/16031049 25.12.1991 Far Eastern Railway Tynda Дизели 5Д49
2ТЭ10Ут-0060 16032328/16032336 04.1992 Odessa Railways Hristinovka
2ТЭ10УТ-0064 1992 Odessa Railways Nikolaev
2ТЭ10УТ-0076 1992 Odessa Railways Shevchenko
2ТЭ10УТ-0078 16031551/16031569 15.09.1992 South Urals Railways Chelyabinsk Секция А – Гибрид 0078А/0095Б; Секция Б – резерв
2ТЭ10УТ-0086 04.1992 L'viv Railways Chernovcy
2ТЭ10УТ-0088 16031759/16031767 12.1993 South Urals Railways Chelyabinsk
2ТЭ10УТ-0090 16031791/16031809 1994 Northern Railway Pechora
2ТЭ10УТ-0092 16031833/16031841 21.12.1993 Northern Railway Pechora
2ТЭ10УТ-0095 1994 South Urals Railways Chelyabinsk
2ТЭ10УТ-0096 16031916/16031924 1994 Northern Railway Pechora
2ТЭ10УТ-0098 16031957/16031965 1995 Northern Railway Vorkuta депо Брянск МСК, 5Д49
2ТЭ10УТ-0099 05.1995 Northern Railway Pechora 2ТЭ10УТК
2ТЭ10УТ-0100 1997 Private carriers SIBUR Филиал Томск

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Color coding

In operation
New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Abandoned / Dead storage
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Refurbishment (change of the serial number)
Transferred to another depot
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
Monument/Museum exhibit/Trainer


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