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Электровозы ВЛ11, прошедшие капитальный ремонт с продлением срока службы на Екатеринбургском электровозоремонтном заводе
Утратили возможность работы в три секции

Машина ВЛ11КН-104 оснащена независимым возбуждением тяговых электродвигателей для отработки технических решений для серии 2ЭС6 "Синара"

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ID number Built Written off Railway Depot Note
ВЛ11К-017 12150330/12150348 1977 Sverdlovsk Railway Smichka
ВЛ11К-039 12150777/12150785 01.1978 Sverdlovsk Railway Smichka
ВЛ11К-052 12151031/12151049 1978 Sverdlovsk Railway Smichka
ВЛ11К-052 12151031/12151049 1978 Sverdlovsk Railway Smichka
ВЛ11К-053 12151056/12151064 1978 Sverdlovsk Railway Smichka
ВЛ11К-063 12151254/12151262 1978 Sverdlovsk Railway Smichka
ВЛ11К-064 12151270/12151288 1978 Sverdlovsk Railway Smichka
ВЛ11-067 12151338/12151346 1978 Sverdlovsk Railway Smichka
ВЛ11К-071 12151411/12151429 12.1978 Sverdlovsk Railway Sverdlovsk-Sort 071/257
ВЛ11К-075 1978 Sverdlovsk Railway Smichka СМЕТ 053/075
ВЛ11К-077 12151536/12151544 1979 Sverdlovsk Railway Smichka
ВЛ11К-088 12151759/12151767 1979 Sverdlovsk Railway Smichka СМЕТ ВЛ11К-088/242
ВЛ11К-088 12151759/12151767 1979 Sverdlovsk Railway Sverdlovsk-Sort СМЕТ ВЛ11К-088/242
ВЛ11-092 03.1979 12.2013 Sverdlovsk Railway Sverdlovsk-Sort Екатеринбургский ЭРЗ
ВЛ11К-127 10.1979 Sverdlovsk Railway Smichka
ВЛ11К-181 07.1980 Sverdlovsk Railway Smichka 181/189; Консервация
ВЛ11К-242 12154837/12154845 05.1981 Sverdlovsk Railway Smichka 242/088
ВЛ11К-257 12155131/12155149 08.1981 Sverdlovsk Railway Sverdlovsk-Sort

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In operation
New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Abandoned / Dead storage
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Refurbishment (change of the serial number)
Transferred to another depot
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
Monument/Museum exhibit/Trainer


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