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Паровой железнодорожный кран грузоподъёмностью 18.5 тонн


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Built Railway Depot Note
ПК18.5-2 1935 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Qaraghandy
ПК18.5-3 1935 Donetsk Railway Svatovo
ПК18.5 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Pavlodar
ПК18.5-10 1935 Moscow Railway Other
ПК18.5-11 1935 Kuybyshev Railway Syzran'
ПК18.5-13 1935 South Urals Railways Niazepetrovsk
ПК18.5-15 1935 Latvian Railways Railway museum
ПК18.5-16 1935 West Siberian railway Barnaul
ПК18.5-17 1935 Odessa Railways Podolsk
ПК18.5-18 1935 Southwestern Railways Shepetovka
ПК18.5-19 1935 October Railway Bologovskoe
ПК18.5-20 1935 October Railway SPb-Varshavskiy
ПК18.5-21 1935 Sverdlovsk Railway Vereshchagino
ПК18.5-24 1935 Kuybyshev Railway Abdulino
ПК18.5-28 1935 October Railway Velikie Luki
ПК18.5-29 1935 October Railway Other
ПК18.5-31 1935 North Caucasus Railway Belorechenskaya
ПК18.5-33 1935 South-Eastern Railway Griyazi
ПК18.5-34 1935 South-Eastern Railway Stariy Oskol
ПК18.5-35 1935 South-Eastern Railway Belgorod
ПК18.5-36 1935 Moscow Railway Moskva-Kievskaya
ПК18.5-39 West Siberian railway Topki
ПК18.5-40 Cisdnieper Railways Pologi
ПК18.5-42 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Path service ВЧ Джамбул
ПК18.5-43 North Caucasus Railway Tikhoretskaya
ПК18.5-47 South-Eastern Railway Rtishchevo
ПК18.5-58 1936 Gorky Railway Sergach
ПК18.5-59 1936 Gorky Railway Agryz
ПК18.5-62 1936 Krasnoyarsk Railway Abakan
ПК18.5-74 1936 Moscow Railway Aleksandrov (EMU)
ПК18.5-75 1936 North Caucasus Railway Morozovskaya
ПК18.5-78 1936 Donetsk Railway Rodakovo
ПК18.5-79 Moscow Railway Other
ПК18.5-80 October Railway Babaevo
ПК18.5-82 South Urals Railways Chelyabinsk
ПК18.5-83 East Siberian Railway Ulan-Ude
ПК18.5-85 Uzbekistan railways Karshy
ПК18.5-86 Zabaikal Railway Other
ПК18.5-87 Gorky Railway Krasnoufimsk
ПК18.5-88 Armenian Railways Gyumri
ПК18.5-89 Northern Railway Isakogorka
ПК18.5-90 North Caucasus Railway Grozniy
ПК18.5-91 Odessa Railways Odessa-Sort.
ПК18.5-92 October Railway Petrozavodsk
ПК18.5-93 Moscow Railway Verkhovie
ПК18.5-95 Moscow Railway Unecha
ПК18.5-96 1937 Gorky Railway Zuevka
ПК18.5-98 1937 Southern Railways Lyubotin
ПК18.5-99 1937 Moscow Railway Moscow-Byturskaya
ПК18.5-100 1937 Belarusian Railway Orsha
ПК18.5-101 1937 Privolzhsk (Volga) Railway Archeda
ПК18.5-103 1937 Moscow Railway Fayansovaya
ПК18.5-104 1937 Zabaikal Railway Skovorodino
ПК18.5-105 1937 Zabaikal Railway Zavitaya
ПК18.5-106 1937 Sverdlovsk Railway Tyumen
ПК18.5-107 1937 Cisdnieper Railways Simferopol
ПК18.5-108 1937 Turkmenistan railways Mari
ПК18.5-109 1937 North Caucasus Railway Makhachkala
ПК18.5-110 1937 South-Eastern Railway Elets
ПК18.5-113 1937 Krasnoyarsk Railway Bogotol
ПК18.5-114 1937 Far Eastern Railway Rugino
ПК18.5-115 1937 Far Eastern Railway Vyazemskaya
ПК18.5-116 1937 Tajikistan Railways Other ТЧ Кировабад
ПК18.5-120 1937 Zabaikal Railway Other
ПК18.5-121 1937 Zabaikal Railway Shilka
ПК18.5-122 1937 Odessa Railways Nikolaev
ПК18.5-122 1937 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Aktobe
ПК18.5-123 1937 North Caucasus Railway Prokhladnaya
ПК18.5-124 Krasnoyarsk Railway Uzhur
ПК18.5-125 1937 Sverdlovsk Railway Serov
ПК18.5-129 1937 East Siberian Railway Taishet
ПК18.5-130 1937 South-Eastern Railway Otrozhka (EMU)
ПК18.5-131 1937 North Caucasus Railway Novorossiysk
ПК18.5-133 1937 Southern Railways Grebjonka
ПК18.5-133 1937 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Zhambyl
ПК18.5-134 1937 Moscow Railway Stupinskoye PPZhT
ПК18.5-135 1937 Northern Railway Service cars
ПК18.5-136 1937 Moscow Railway Zhel-dor (EMU)
ПК18.5-137 1937 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Kazalynsk
ПК18.5-137 1937 Krasnoyarsk Railway Other
ПК18.5-138 1937 Southwestern Railways Zhmerinka
ПК18.5-139 1937 North Caucasus Railway Bataisk
ПК18.5-142 Donetsk Railway Volnovaha
ПК18.5-143 Moscow Railway Kashira
ПК18.5-342 October Railway Service
ПК18.5-346 Gorky Railway Votkinsky Plant
ПК18.5-351 South Urals Railways Private
ПК18.5-5089 Northern Railway Service cars
ПК18.5-1121937 1937 South Urals Railways Kartаly

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Color coding

In operation
New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Abandoned / Dead storage
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Refurbishment (change of the serial number)
Transferred to another depot
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
Monument/Museum exhibit/Trainer


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