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Модернизация крана КДЭ253

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ID number Built Railway Depot Note
КЖДЭ25-ХХХ 1993 Gorky Railway Private Муромский машиностроительный завод
КЖДЭ25 Moscow Railway Kriognmash
КЖДЭ25-ХХХ Gorky Railway GAZ
КЖДЭ25-ХХХ Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Kazchrome
КЖДЭ25-02 Donetsk Railway Ilyich Steel Iron Wo
КЖДЭ25-29 Moscow Railway Vyazma
КЖДЭ25-34 1986 South-Eastern Railway Service cars
КЖДЭ25-38 1986 Southern Railways Private Харьковский бронетанковый завод
КЖДЭ25-55 1986 South-Eastern Railway LMZ Svobodnyi Sokol
КЖДЭ25-62 18921015 1986 Cisdnieper Railways Service ПМС-136 Федоровка
КЖДЭ25-73 1986 Transnistrian railroad Industrial vehicles Молдавская ГРЭС, г. Днестровск
КЖДЭ25-90 1986 Donetsk Railway Private Шахта "Белореченская" (ст. Сборная)
КЖДЭ25-98 10.1986 Belarusian Railway Service cars ПЧ-15 Осиповичи
КЖДЭ25-107 1986 Belarusian Railway MTZ
КЖДЭ25-117 Moscow Railway Service cars
КЖДЭ25-137 1987 Donetsk Railway OC "MPHE"
КЖДЭ25-141 1987 Sverdlovsk Railway Private ООО "РегионГрузСервис"
КЖДЭ25-160 1987 Moscow Railway Service cars Мостоотряд-47
КЖДЭ25-172 1987 Belarusian Railway MTZ
КЖДЭ25-186 1987 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy KPTY
КЖДЭ25-219 1988 Kuybyshev Railway Tatneft Татнефтеснаб
КЖДЭ25-222 1988 Latvian Railways Service SIA "Katiss"
КЖДЭ25-229 1988 Moscow Railway Kupavinskoye PPZhT
КЖДЭ25-234 1988 Latvian Railways Service
КЖДЭ25-235 1988 Gorky Railway Private ФГУП "Российский федеральный ядерный центр ВНИИЭФ"
КЖДЭ25-246 08.1988 Latvian Railways Service SIA «Transmehanizacija»
КЖДЭ25-268 1988 Gorky Railway Private ОАО "Втормет", г. Нижний Новгород
КЖДЭ25-269 1988 East Siberian Railway Tugnui
КЖДЭ25-278 1990 Moscow Railway Service cars
КЖДЭ25-289 1989 Moscow Railway Private
КЖДЭ25-295 1989 Gorky Railway Vyksa
КЖДЭ25-301 04.1989 South-Eastern Railway Voronezhskoye PPZhT
КЖДЭ25-309 1989 Estonian Railway Service BLRT Refonda Baltic OÜ
КЖДЭ25-314 06.1989 Donetsk Railway Other ХК «Лугансктепловоз»
КЖДЭ25-321 Donetsk Railway Ilyich Steel Iron Wo
КЖДЭ25-334 Moscow Railway PMS-58
КЖДЭ25-340 1989 Donetsk Railway Private г. Стаханов
КЖДЭ25-343 Moscow Railway ZIL
КЖДЭ25-347 1989 Private carriers SIBUR Филиал Томск
КЖДЭ25-357 1989 Belarusian Railway Private ОАО "Беларусьрезинотехника", г. Бобруйск
КЖДЭ25-358 18921031 1989 Cisdnieper Railways Service РСП-57
КЖДЭ25-363 1990 South-Eastern Railway Pavlovsk Nerud
КЖДЭ25-377 18921049 1990 Cisdnieper Railways Dnepr.
КЖДЭ25-410 1990 Cisdnieper Railways DМР
КЖДЭ25-415 1990 Gorky Railway Private ООО "Ижтрансстрой"
КЖДЭ25-416 19006147 1990 Estonian Railway Service TREV-2 Grupp AS
КЖДЭ25-423 1990 Donetsk Railway Mariupiol' port
КЖДЭ25-432 1990 Moscow Railway ZIL
КЖДЭ25-438 Moscow Railway Maltsovo
КЖДЭ25-445 1991 South-Eastern Railway Belgorod PPZhT
КЖДЭ25-469 1991 Gorky Railway Izhstal
КЖДЭ25-486 1991 Gorky Railway Votkinsky Plant
КЖДЭ25-487 1991 Gorky Railway Private ООО "Вяткавуд", г. Кирс
КЖДЭ25-500 1991 Gorky Railway Private ОАО "Лукойл-Нижегороднефтеоргсинтез", г. Кстово
КЖДЭ25-506 1991 Uzbekistan railways Almalyk
КЖДЭ25-507 1991 Cisdnieper Railways Private ОАО "Коминмет"
КЖДЭ25-513 1991 Cisdnieper Railways Other ООО "Стальтранс" (г. Запорожье)
КЖДЭ25-513 1991 Cisdnieper Railways Other ООО "Стальтранс" (г. Запорожье)
КЖДЭ25-531 Donetsk Railway Ilyich Steel Iron Wo
КЖДЭ25-541 1992 Private carriers Transgarant
КЖДЭ25-546 1992 Cisdnieper Railways Locomotive diesel se
КЖДЭ25-571 1992 Gorky Railway Murom Switch Plant
КЖДЭ25-578 1992 Southern Railways KVSZ
КЖДЭ25-581 1992 Gorky Railway Private Нижегородский машиностроительный завод
КЖДЭ25-586 1992 Cisdnieper Railways Private Днепровагонремстрой
КЖДЭ25-587 1992 Cisdnieper Railways Zaporizhia FР
КЖДЭ25-588 West Siberian railway Service cars ОАО СПЖТ (Новосибирское ППЖТ №1)
КЖДЭ25-590 1992 Southern Railways Private г. Харьков
КЖДЭ25-593 1992 South-Eastern Railway LGOK
КЖДЭ25-596 1992 Odessa Railways NCSP
КЖДЭ25-612 1992 East Siberian Railway Tugnui
КЖДЭ25-616 1992 Gorky Railway Private ОАО "Нижегородский машиностроительный завод"
КЖДЭ25-619 1992 Cisdnieper Railways Zaporozhye АС
КЖДЭ25-647 1992 Gorky Railway Kovrovkoye KU
КЖДЭ25-648 12.1992 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Jezkazgan
КЖДЭ25-652 Odessa Railways Transport technologi
КЖДЭ25-662 1993 Gorky Railway Agryz Maintenance
КЖДЭ25-665 1993 Cisdnieper Railways Evraz-DMZ
КЖДЭ25-666 1993 Southern Railways Private г. Харьков
КЖДЭ25-673 02.1993 Moscow Railway Service cars
КЖДЭ25-679 199х Moscow Railway ZIL
КЖДЭ25-681 03.1993 Cisdnieper Railways Nikopol FP
КЖДЭ25-696 18921056 1993 Southwestern Railways Service is the path ПМС-285 Бахмач
КЖДЭ25-697 1993 Southwestern Railways Private Завод "Большевик", г. Киев
КЖДЭ25-715 Moscow Railway Vyazma
КЖДЭ25-720 Northern Railway Ivanovo
КЖДЭ25-723 Odessa Railways Transport technologi
КЖДЭ25-0725 Southern Railways Private ГП «Завод "Электротяжмаш"
КЖДЭ25-742 1994 South-Eastern Railway LGOK
КЖДЭ25-755 19069558 1995 Belarusian Railway Gomel
КЖДЭ25-758 Gorky Railway Private Чепецкий механический завод
КЖДЭ25-761 1996 Cisdnieper Railways Private ООО ПКП "ТАКО" Днепр
КЖДЭ25-763 18921064 1996 Southern Railways Osnova
КЖДЭ25-0796 Southern Railways Private ГП «Завод "Электротяжмаш"

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In operation
New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Abandoned / Dead storage
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Refurbishment (change of the serial number)
Transferred to another depot
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
Monument/Museum exhibit/Trainer


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