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Дизель-электрический железнодорожный кран второго поколения грузоподъемностью 25 т. Выпуск начат в 2004 году.
Модификации: КЖ562А, КЖ562Б

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ID number Built Railway Depot Note
КЖ562-??? Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Aluminum of Kazakhstan Павлодарский Алюминиевый завод
КЖ562-2 2004 Far Eastern Railway Yakutugol
КЖ562-4 2004 Gorky Railway Service ТС ст. Вековка
КЖ562-7 2004 South-Eastern Railway Oskolcement CJSC
КЖ562-12 2004 South-Eastern Railway SGOK
КЖ562-14 2004 South-Eastern Railway SGOK
КЖ562-20 Moscow Railway OPMS-103
КЖ562-23 2005 South-Eastern Railway Service cars Ремпуть
КЖ562-29 2005 South-Eastern Railway SGOK
КЖ562-33 Moscow Railway Service cars Компания "Knauf"
КЖ562-34 2005 Zabaikal Railway Service ст. Забайкальск
КЖ562-46 Belarusian Railway Belaruskali
КЖ562-49 South-Eastern Railway NLMK
КЖ562-50 South-Eastern Railway NLMK
КЖ562-52 Gorky Railway Remput
КЖ562-57 Moscow Railway Service cars
КЖ562-58 Gorky Railway Remput
КЖ562-61 2006 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Astana
КЖ562-75 07.2006 Sverdlovsk Railway PChM Ekaterinburg
КЖ562-77 2006 South-Eastern Railway OPChM Voronezh
КЖ562-82 2006 Gorky Railway Arzamas Maintenance
КЖ562-85 Moscow Railway PMS-97
КЖ562-86 Moscow Railway PMS-101
КЖ562-87 Moscow Railway PMS-96
КЖ562-110 2007 Krasnoyarsk Railway Private ООО "Красноярская строительная компания"; Ростовский ЭРЗ
КЖ562А-113 Moscow Railway PMS-55
КЖ562А-114 2007 South-Eastern Railway SPMS Mitchurinsk
КЖ562А-119 2007 Gorky Railway Nizhniy Novgorod Maintenance
КЖ562-136 22.09.2007 Uzbekistan railways Almalyk № 266
КЖ562А-141 2007 South-Eastern Railway SPMS Mitchurinsk
КЖ562-153 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy SSGPO
КЖ562А-182 2008 Kaliningrad railway Chernyakhovsk
КЖ562-187 2008 Belarusian Railway VSZ-Gomel
КЖ562-207 10.08.2010 Belarusian Railway Service cars СМП-716 Гомель
КЖ562-215 2011 Belarusian Railway BCP
КЖ562-218 2011 Belarusian Railway Belaruskali
КЖ562-219 2011 Belarusian Railway Service cars
КЖ562-223 2011 Belarusian Railway BTA ПЧ-16 Жлобин
КЖ562-227 2011 Krasnoyarsk Railway OVE
КЖ562-232 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Path service
КЖ562-234 South-Eastern Railway SGOK № 15
КЖ562-236 2012 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Path service ПЧ-9 Атырау
КЖ562-250 Moscow Railway Ryazanskaya GRES
КЖ562-254 07.2013 Yakutian Railways Aldan
КЖ562-266 Uzbekistan railways Service cars
КЖ562-275 19019884 Belarusian Railway GCP
КЖ562-297 19028463 2020 Uzbekistan railways Almalyk
КЖ562-329 19028786 2023 South-Eastern Railway LGOK
КЖ562-342 19012582 2024 Russia, Other Other
КЖ562-411 Cisdnieper Railways Zaporozhstal

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Color coding

In operation
New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Abandoned / Dead storage
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Refurbishment (change of the serial number)
Transferred to another depot
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
Monument/Museum exhibit/Trainer


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