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Дизель-электрический железнодорожный кран второго поколения грузоподъемностью 16 т. Выпуск начат в 2004 году.
Модификации: КЖ462А

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Works number ID number Built Railway Depot Note
КЖ462-1 19022599 03.2003 Gorky Railway Kanash Maintenance База Зеленый Дол
КЖ462-2 2004 Moscow Railway Private Сукремльский чугунолитейный завод
КЖ462-5 19.07.2004 Moscow Railway ARIRT
КЖ462-6 23.07.2004 Moscow Railway ARIRT
КЖ462-7 2004 October Railway Volhovstroi
КЖ462-8 2004 Krasnoyarsk Railway Bogotol
КЖ462-9 2004 Zabaikal Railway Chita
КЖ462-10 10.09.2004 Zabaikal Railway Belogorsk
КЖ462-14 2004 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Path service ППВ ст.Достык
КЖ462-15 2004 South-Eastern Railway Kochetovka
КЖ462-16 2004 Kuybyshev Railway Uljanovsk
КЖ462-17 2004 North Caucasus Railway Mineralniye Vody
КЖ462-20 11.2004 Privolzhsk (Volga) Railway Sarepta
КЖ462-21 2004 Moscow Railway Vyaz'ma-Sort.
КЖ462-22 27.11.2004 Moscow Railway Bryansk-II
КЖ462-23 Gorky Railway Gorkiy-Sortirovochy
КЖ462-25 October Railway Private Боровичский комбинат огнеупоров
КЖ462-26 2004 October Railway Other
КЖ462-28 2005 Belarusian Railway Private ОАО "Керамин"
КЖ462-30 Cisdnieper Railways ArcelorMittal Kr.Rog
КЖ462-36 2004 Kuybyshev Railway Amet
КЖ462-43 31.07.2007 Kuybyshev Railway KBSHrail-DI ЭЧ-6 Самара
КЖ462-44 2004 Northern Railway Timans bauxite
КЖ462-45 South-Eastern Railway Voronezh-Kursky
КЖ462-48 Zabaikal Railway Service
КЖ462-49 Northern Railway Isakogorka
КЖ462-50 50 19023084 Kaliningrad railway Chernyakhovsk
КЖ462-53 2004 October Railway Other
КЖ462-54 West Siberian railway Other
КЖ462-57 2007 Sverdlovsk Railway TPT
КЖ462-59 2007 Sverdlovsk Railway Other
КЖ462А-62 07.2007 Kuybyshev Railway Private ООО "Бетониум", г. Пенза
КЖ462-65 2007 Privolzhsk (Volga) Railway Volzhsky pipe plant
КЖ462-66 October Railway Military Academy
КЖ462-68 Moscow Railway Private
КЖ462-70 North Caucasus Railway Private
КЖ462-76 02.09.2008 Belarusian Railway Service cars СМП-354 г. Гомель
КЖ462-81 Moscow Railway Private
КЖ462-82 Moscow Railway Private
КЖ462-83 Sverdlovsk Railway Other
КЖ462-87 10.02.2011 Zabaikal Railway PMS-333
КЖ462-89 Kuybyshev Railway Private
КЖ462-96 08.2012 Sverdlovsk Railway Other
КЖ462-98 Zabaikal Railway Other ст. Благовещенск
КЖ462-99 03.2013 West Siberian railway Service cars ЛВЧД-7 Новосибирск
КЖ462-100 04.2013 Uzbekistan railways Other
КЖ462-101 05.2013 Russia, Other Other
КЖ462-102 08.2013 Sverdlovsk Railway Service Cars СМП-584 Сургут
КЖ462-103 07.2013 Krasnoyarsk Railway Krasnoyarsk
КЖ462-104 08.2013 Kuybyshev Railway GazpromNeftehimSalava
КЖ462-106 04.2014 October Railway Service
КЖ462-111 19020270 2017 Zabaikal Railway Amurskoe
КЖ462-112 2017 Zabaikal Railway Chita
КЖ462-114 19020304 2017 East Siberian Railway Taishet
КЖ462-116 19020320 2017 Northern Railway Sharja
КЖ462-119 19020353 2017 Privolzhsk (Volga) Railway Saratov
КЖ462-122 19020387 10.2017 October Railway SPb-Sort-Mosk
КЖ462-123 2017 October Railway SPb-Sort-Vitebskiy
КЖ462-125 19020411 2017 Krasnoyarsk Railway Krasnoyarsk
КЖ462-126 19020429 2017 Northern Railway Yaroslavl-Gl.
КЖ462-128 19020445 2017 Moscow Railway Bekasovo
КЖ462-133 19020494 West Siberian railway Barnaul
КЖ462-136 19020528 Moscow Railway Moskva-Sort.-Ryazanskaya
КЖ462-146 19027952 2018 Zabaikal Railway Belogorsk
КЖ462-148 19027978 09.2018 Kuybyshev Railway Samara
КЖ462-149 19027986 2018 Gorky Railway Other
КЖ462-151 19028000 10.2018 October Railway SPb-Fin
КЖ462-152 2018 Northern Railway Niandoma
КЖ462-155 19028042 11.2018 North Caucasus Railway Kavkazskaya
КЖ462-156 19028059 Privolzhsk (Volga) Railway im. M. Gor'kogo
КЖ462-163 12.2018 Sverdlovsk Railway Private
КЖ462-164 19028133 Sverdlovsk Railway Other
КЖ462-166 19028158 2019 North Caucasus Railway Tikhoretskaya
КЖ462-167 19028166 2019 North Caucasus Railway Tikhoretskaya
КЖ462-171 19028208 03.2019 South Urals Railways Zlatoust
КЖ462-172 19028216 2019 Northern Railway Kotlas
КЖ462-178 19028273 2019 Krasnoyarsk Railway Bogotol
КЖ462-180 October Railway Kandalaksha
КЖ462-182 19028315 Krasnoyarsk Railway Achinsk
КЖ462-189 19010628 ≈ 2023 Belarusian Railway VSZ-Gomel

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In operation
New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Abandoned / Dead storage
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Refurbishment (change of the serial number)
Transferred to another depot
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
Monument/Museum exhibit/Trainer


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