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Дизель-электрический железнодорожный кран грузоподъемностью 25 т. Выпуск начат в 1993 году.

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Works number ID number Built Written off Railway Depot Note
КЖ561 Belarusian Railway Gomselmash
КЖ561Б-4 1993 Belarusian Railway Belaruskali
КЖ561-7 Gorky Railway Kanash Maintenance
КЖ561-38 1993 South-Eastern Railway Stagdok
КЖ561-41 1993 Private carriers Uralhimtrans Филиал "КЧХК", г. Кирово-Чепецк
КЖ561-43 1993 Donetsk Railway Alchevsc Steel Iron
КЖ561-45 1993 Donetsk Railway YCCP
КЖ561-52 Moscow Railway Service cars
КЖ561-62 1993 Gorky Railway Private Казанская ТЭЦ-2
КЖ561-82 1994 South-Eastern Railway Pavlovsk Nerud
КЖ561-85 1994 Private carriers RN-Trans Сызранский НПЗ
КЖ561-87 Moscow Railway Ryazanskaya GRES
КЖ561-89 Moscow Railway PMS-96
КЖ561-96 1994 L'viv Railways Private Нововолынский завод ЖБИ
КЖ561-98 1994 Private carriers RN-Trans Сызранский НПЗ
КЖ561-107 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy "Vostochnyi"
КЖ561-112 Donetsk Railway YCCP
КЖ561-114 1995 Gorky Railway Remput
КЖ561-120 Moscow Railway PMS-58
КЖ561-120 Moscow Railway PMS-96
КЖ561-123 Moscow Railway PMS-96
КЖ561-134 1995 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Private Топливный склад ст. Семей
КЖ561-143 06.1995 Belarusian Railway Service cars ПЧ-16 Жлобин
КЖ561-144 1995 Uzbekistan railways Almalyk
КЖ561-146 1995 South-Eastern Railway NLMK
КЖ561-157 2017 South-Eastern Railway SPMS Mitchurinsk
КЖ561-158 2017 South-Eastern Railway SPMS Mitchurinsk
КЖ561-159 South Urals Railways ZEMZ
КЖ561-166 26.03.1996 Gorky Railway Murom Депо Тума
КЖ561-175 1996 Belarusian Railway Baranovichi
КЖ561-186 1996 South-Eastern Railway Private Белгородский завод энергетического машиностроения
КЖ561-203 Gorky Railway Vyksa
КЖ561-205 1997 Belarusian Railway Belaruskali
КЖ561-213 1997 Donetsk Railway Ilyich Steel Iron Wo
КЖ561-225 1997 Gorky Railway Vyksa
КЖ561-236 24.10.1997 Northern Railway Vorkuta
КЖ561-252 1998 Gorky Railway Plant Y. M. Sverdlov
КЖ561-257 1998 Moscow Railway Service cars Московский ЛРЗ
КЖ561-271 1991 Gorky Railway Vyksa
КЖ561-279 1999 South-Eastern Railway LGOK
КЖ561-286 1999 South-Eastern Railway LGOK
КЖ561-288 1999 Gorky Railway Vyksa
КЖ561-289 1999 Cisdnieper Railways Southern GOK
КЖ561-293 1999 Cisdnieper Railways Southern GOK
КЖ561-295 1999 Gorky Railway Vyksa
КЖ561-298 298 30.10.1999 October Railway Private Тихвинский ВСЗ
КЖ561-301 2000 Gorky Railway Kazanorgsintez
КЖ561-302 1999 Krasnoyarsk Railway OVE
КЖ561-303 12.1999 Sverdlovsk Railway Private ООО ТЛК "Север", г. Сургут
КЖ561-309 99269419008-1 2000 Estonian Railway Enefit Power AS
КЖ561-311 03.2000 Gorky Railway Promzheldortrans
КЖ561-320 2000 Gorky Railway Remput
КЖ561-322 07.2000 Gorky Railway Vyksa
КЖ561-327 2000 Kuybyshev Railway Amet
КЖ561-330 2000 Gorky Railway Vyksa
КЖ561-349 2001 Gorky Railway Promzheldortrans
КЖ561-369 2002 Southern Railways Ukr.spec.van
МПТ6-369 2008 South-Eastern Railway Stagdok
КЖ561-376 2002 South-Eastern Railway Private Борисоглебский завод химического машиностроения
КЖ561-380 Gorky Railway Private Чепецкий механический завод
КЖ561-384 2003 South-Eastern Railway Private Завод "Рудгормаш", г. Воронеж
КЖ561-389 2003 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Qaraghandy
КЖ561-390 2003 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Shu
КЖ561-392 2003 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Astana
КЖ561-401 19026897 24.08.2004 Gorky Railway Nizhniy Novgorod Maintenance

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In operation
New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Abandoned / Dead storage
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Refurbishment (change of the serial number)
Transferred to another depot
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
Monument/Museum exhibit/Trainer


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