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Паровой кран грузоподъемностью 6 т. Выпускался с 1936 по 1956 год.
Модернизации: МК6 (моторный), ДК6 (дизельный) и ЭК6 (электрический).

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ID number Built Written off Railway Depot Note
ПК6 Belarusian Railway Mogilev
МК6-??? Sverdlovsk Railway Service Cars
ПК6-ххх Belarusian Railway Baranovichi
ПК6-1 Gorky Railway Memorials Памятник у Кировского Машзавода 1 мая
ПК6-12 Gorky Railway Other
ПК6-16 October Railway Sortavala
МК6-23 October Railway SPb-Sort-Vitebskiy
ПК6-23/55 Northern Railway Isakogorka
ПК6-24 1936 October Railway Kryukovo
ПК6-30 Gorky Railway Votkinsky Plant
ПК6-42 October Railway Service ПЧ-13 Осташков
ПК6-66 1936 1980 Belarusian Railway VSZ-Gomel Гомельский вагоноремонтный завод имени М.И. Калинина
ПК6-71 October Railway Kandalaksha
МК6-77 October Railway Novgorod
ПК6-78 Belarusian Railway Baranovichi Museum
ДК6-99 October Railway Kryukovo
ПК6-135 October Railway Bologovskoe
ПК6-145 Moscow Railway Lgov
ПК6-148 Gorky Railway Yudino
МК6-183 Estonian Railway Tapa
ПК6-193 Gorky Railway Other
ПК6-211 Gorky Railway Other
МК6-214 October Railway Med Gora
МК6-221 18902213 1940 Southwestern Railways Service ЛВЧ-2 ст. Жмеринка
ПК6-227 1938 October Railway Vyborg
ПК6-238 Gorky Railway Votkinsky Plant
ПК6-243 Gorky Railway Other
ПК6-254 Northern Railway Isakogorka
МК6-291 Gorky Railway Krasnoufimsk
ПК6-356 Southwestern Railways Fastov-2
МК6-392 1958 07.2005 Southwestern Railways Service Козятинська механізована дистанція вантажно-розвантажувальних робіт
ДК6-416 Northern Railway Maloshuika
МК6-422 Southwestern Railways Schors
ПК6-433 Northern Railway Isakogorka
ПК6-443 Northern Railway Private
ДК6-444 October Railway Other
МК6-462 October Railway SPb-Pass-Mosk
МК6-493 1939 October Railway Velikie Luki
ПК6-509 Moscow Railway Bryansk-II
ПК6-513 Northern Railway Konosha
ДК6-515 Northern Railway Losta
МК6-524 October Railway Volhovstroi
МК6-526 1941 October Railway Hvoinaya
ПК6-528 Northern Railway Isakogorka
ПК6-529 October Railway Malaya Vishera
МК6-532 Gorky Railway Krasnoufimsk
МК6-555 October Railway Bologovskoe
МК6-568 1940 06.2005 L'viv Railways Chop
ПК6-584 Privolzhsk (Volga) Railway SFIS
ПК6-587 Gorky Railway Votkinsky Plant
ПК6-596 October Railway Malaya Vishera
ПК6-608 Gorky Railway Votkinsky Plant
МК6-664 October Railway Bologovskoe
ПК6-687 1942 Privolzhsk (Volga) Railway SFIS
ПК6-716 1941 October Railway Private
ДК6-720 October Railway Malaya Vishera
ПК6-735 1941 02.1963 Moscow Railway Elektrostal'skoye PPZhT
ПК6-747 Gorky Railway Votkinsky Plant
МК6-759 Northern Railway Isakogorka
ПК6-763 Russia, Other Other
ДК6-782 Moscow Railway Roslavl
ЭК6-793 Moscow Railway Private
ДК6-884 Northern Railway Losta
МК6-885 1938 Southern Railways Museum
МК6-887 1943 07.2005 Southwestern Railways Service Коростенська механізована дистанція вантажно-розвантажувальних робіт
ПК6-904 West Siberian railway Other
МК6-912 Latvian Railways Other Киногородок Синевилла
МК6-932 L'viv Railways Рower supply service
МК6-946 Northern Railway Private
ПК6-952 Gorky Railway Other
ПК6-966 1946 October Railway Dno
МК6-995 October Railway Med Gora
ПК6-1100 Southwestern Railways Service ст. Хмельницкий
ПК6-1113 Russia, Other Other
ПК6-1126 Russia, Other Other
МК6-1142 Moscow Railway Ramenskoye (EMU)
МК6-1147 Moscow Railway Likhobory
ПК6-1158 ≤ 1950 Belarusian Railway Brest Museum
ПК6-1160 October Railway Museum
ПК6-1166 Moldovan Railways Service ПЧ-1 Кишенёв
МК6-1182 Moscow Railway Lgov
ДК6-1187 Moscow Railway Lobnya (EMU)
ДК6-1202 Moscow Railway Kurbakinskaya
МК6-1215 October Railway Service
МК6-1242 October Railway Service
МК6-1248 Gorky Railway Kanash
ПК6-1249 Gorky Railway Sergach
МК6-1320 October Railway Kandalaksha
ПК6-1321 1955 October Railway Service
ПК6-1337 Privolzhsk (Volga) Railway SFIS
МК6-1343 Southwestern Railways Grechany
ПК6-1348 Gorky Railway Other
ПК6-1376 1948 Moscow Railway Private
ПК6-1380 1948 Moscow Railway Elektrostal'skoye PPZhT
ПК6-1388 Moscow Railway Private
МК6-1395 October Railway Med Gora
ПК6-1401 Moscow Railway Private
ПК6-1419 1949 Estonian Railway Service ПМС-89
МК6-1440 1949 Donetsk Railway Railway technics ВЧД-1 Красный Лиман
ПК6-1477 1949 Gorky Railway Private Устанский леспромхоз
МК6-1486 1949 2003 L'viv Railways Service cars Мостостроительный поезд № 61
МК6-1524 Moscow Railway Likhobory
ПК6-1574 October Railway Volhovstroi
ПК6-1578 1949 Estonian Railway Tapa
ПК6-1583 Gorky Railway Other
ПК6-1589 Gorky Railway Other
МК6-1620 1990s North Caucasus Railway Derbent
МК6-1638 Gorky Railway Krasnoufimsk
ПК6-1746 Southwestern Railways Service ПМК-25
МК6-1799 1949 October Railway Service
МК6-1813 Gorky Railway Kanash
ПК6-1822 Russia, Other Other
МК6-1836 Moscow Railway Service cars Люблино
ПК6-1856 1949 Estonian Railway Tapa
ДК6-1884 1942 Northern Railway Losta
ПК6-1911 October Railway Dno
МК6-1917 Moscow Railway Private
МК6-1940 05.1950 1991 Latvian Railways Railway museum
ДК6-1970 Moscow Railway Lobnya (EMU)
МК6-1995 1950 L'viv Railways Stryj
МК6-2000 North Caucasus Railway Tuapse
ПК6-2015 Northern Railway Sharja
ПК6-2024 Gorky Railway Other
ПК6-2029 October Railway Private
ПК6-2100 Gorky Railway Arzamas
ПК6-2128 1953 Estonian Railway Railway museum
ПК6-2134 Gorky Railway Other
МК6-2135 1950 1981 Kaliningrad railway Museum KZD
ПК6-2160 October Railway Petrozavodsk
МК6-2176 Gorky Railway Kanash
ПК6-2227 Gorky Railway Other
ПК6-2325 Northern Railway Other
ПК6-2326 Southwestern Railways Zhmerinka
ПК6-2338 Gorky Railway Other
ПК6-2347 October Railway Ostashkov
ПК6-2350 October Railway Velikie Luki
ПК6-2351 October Railway Velikie Luki
МК6-2363 October Railway SPb-Sort-Mosk
МК6-2378 Southern Railways Kharkov-Sort.
МК6-2403 1951 Estonian Railway Tapa
ДК6-2427 Moscow Railway Vyaz'ma-Sort.
ДК6-2469 Moscow Railway Lobnya (EMU)
ПК6-2470 October Railway Petrozavodsk
ПК6-2500 1952 Estonian Railway Tapa
ПК6-2531 1952 October Railway SPb-Sort-Vitebskiy
ПК6-2576 October Railway Private
ПК6-2605 Gorky Railway Other
ПК6-2645 Northern Railway Zeblyaki
ПК6-2646 October Railway Petrozavodsk
ДК6-2665 Moscow Railway Service cars Голутвин
МК6-2669 1953 07.2005 Southwestern Railways Service Козятинська механізована дистанція вантажно-розвантажувальних робіт
МК6-2683 Far Eastern Railway Poronaysk
ПК6-2721 1953 Northern Railway Private
ПК6-2728 1953 05.1998 Estonian Railway Tapa
ПК6-2761 Northern Railway Maloshuika
МК6-2774 Cisdnieper Railways Pologi
МК6-2780 L'viv Railways Private Стрыйский ВРЗ
ПК6-2801 Kaliningrad railway Chernjahovsk (Closed
ПК6-2823 Moscow Railway Lgov
МК6-2827 Gorky Railway Kanash
ДК6-2833 1953 06.2005 L'viv Railways Chop
ДК6-2875 1954 1998 Moscow Railway Lobnya (EMU)
ПК6-2907 Far Eastern Railway Other
ПК6-2920 October Railway Babaevo
ДК6-2961 Moscow Railway Imeni Ilyicha
МК6-2966 October Railway Med Gora
МК6-2971 Southwestern Railways Darnitsa
ДК6-2981 Moscow Railway Lobnya (EMU)
МК6-2986 October Railway Med Gora
ПК6-3038 06.1954 Gorky Railway Service НГЧ-4 Юдино
МК6-3047 Northern Railway Other
ПК6-3098 South Urals Railways Other
МК6-3100 1956 Moscow Railway Likhobory
ПК6-3124 1954 06.1965 Northern Railway Susolovka forest plant
ПК6-3143 Privolzhsk (Volga) Railway Private
МК6-3244 Kuybyshev Railway Syzran'
МК6-3248 October Railway Volhovstroi
МК6-3249 October Railway SPb-Sort-Mosk
ПК6-3253 South Urals Railways Other
МК6-3264 1956 Sverdlovsk Railway SPMS-341
ПК6-3266 South Urals Railways Other
МК6-3312 October Railway Service МП-64 Великие Луки
ПК6-3329 South Urals Railways Other
МК6-3331 Moscow Railway Likhobory
ПК6-3335 North Caucasus Railway Private
ПК6-3360 Estonian Railway Tapa
ПК6-3385 1955 October Railway Private
МК6-3855 Russia, Other Other
МК6-8723 Cisdnieper Railways Service Настоящий номер — 26??

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In operation
New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Abandoned / Dead storage
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Refurbishment (change of the serial number)
Transferred to another depot
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
Monument/Museum exhibit/Trainer


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