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Паровоз колеи 750 мм проекта П24 Коломенского завода

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Works number Built Written off Railway Depot Note
№682 October Railway Tesovo
Кп4-017 1951 Sverdlovsk Railway Narrow gauge
Кп4-025 Privolzhsk (Volga) Railway SFIS
Кп4-060 1951 Northern Railway Mokeikha-Zybinskoye
Кп4-062 1951 October Railway Tesovo
Кп4-101 1949 North Caucasus Railway Rosrov-Ghavny
Кп4-102 1951 1968 Gorky Railway Syrek forest plant
Кп4-107 1951 Gorky Railway Igrinsky
Кп4-126 1951 Northern Railway Mokeikha-Zybinskoye
Кп4-212 13589 1953 Gorky Railway Narrow gauge industr Подрезчихинский ЛПХ
Кп4-221 1953 Gorky Railway Sovetsko-Nikolsky forest RW
Кп4-227 1953 Moscow Railway Private Болонское ТП
Кп4-249 1953 East Siberian Railway IZTM
Кп4-270 13824 1954 12.1968 Gorky Railway Oparino
Кп4-283 1954 Northern Railway Private
Кп4-300 1954 Northern Railway Pereslavl Museum
Кп4-302 1954 01.1974 Estonian Railway Tallinn-Väike
Кп4-310 1954 Gorky Railway Narrow gauge industr Пастуховский ЛПХ
Кп4-348 Gorky Railway Lalsk
Кп4-412 North Caucasus Railway Other
Кп4-423 1955 28.11.1972 L'viv Railways Children's rail Львовская ДЖД
Кп4-430 1955 Gorky Railway Nizh ChRw
Кп4-432 1955 09.06.1978 Odessa Railways Novopoltavka
Кп4-437 1955 Gorky Railway Kalikinsky SIP Памятник
Кп4-447 4362 08.1955 October Railway Малая Царскосельская ЖД
Кп4-448 4363 1955 09.1968 Belarusian Railway Narrow gauge Борисовский ШПЗ
Кп4-452 1955 17.08.1972 L'viv Railways Children's rail Ужгородская ДЖД
Кп4-456 1955 27.05.1974 Cisdnieper Railways Memorials Памятник на Запорожской ДЖД
Кп4-459 1955 Zabaikal Railway Other Памятник на станции Борзя
Кп4-465 4380 1955 Moscow Railway Memorials Памятник в г. Москва
Кп4-467 1955 16.06.1979 Odessa Railways Novopoltavka
Кп4-468 1955 20.11.1979 Odessa Railways Memorials Памятник в Таврийске
Кп4-469 Northern Railway Pereslavl Museum
Кп4-470 1955 09.06.1978 Odessa Railways Novopoltavka
Кп4-483 North Caucasus Railway Other Памятник в РГУПС
Кп4-486 4401 1955 Sverdlovsk Railway EMRT
Кп4-532 1956 1969 Sverdlovsk Railway Narrow gauge Сейвинский ЛПХ
Кп4-546 1956 Gorky Railway Karintorf
Кп4-557 1956 Gorky Railway Karintorf
Кп4-565 1956 Gorky Railway Tumskaya
Кп4-593 1956 Gorky Railway Lalsk
Кп4-652 14773 1956 1969 October Railway Museum NG Тендер
Кп4-695 1957 October Railway Tesovo
Кп4-697 1957 October Railway Tesovo
Кп4-708 3699 1957 Lithuanian Railway Panevežys
Кп4-718 15273 1957 Gorky Railway Oparino
Кп4-3772 Poland, other companies Others Bieszczadzka kolejka leśna

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In operation
New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Abandoned / Dead storage
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Refurbishment (change of the serial number)
Transferred to another depot
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
Monument/Museum exhibit/Trainer


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