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Serial type Works number Built Written off Railway Depot Note
Щ.49 1915 Sverdlovsk Railway Tapovsky forest
Щч.58 1915 Southwestern Railways Schors
Щ.82 1915 12.1956 Gorky Railway Private Суслонгерский ЛПХ
Щ.99 1916 Estonian Railway Enefit Power AS
Щ.163 Odessa Railways Other
Щ.163 1910 12.1956 Gorky Railway Private Суслонгерский ЛПХ
Щ.205 Southwestern Railways Locomotives 1870-194
Щ.301 1914 1956 Donetsk Railway Private Краснолиманский песчаный карьер
Щ.302 Donetsk Railway Private
Щ.318 North Caucasus Railway Makhachkala
Щ.327 1913 Latvian Railways Latvian locomotives
Щ.328 Latvian Railways Latvian locomotives
Щ.334 1913 Latvian Railways Other
Щ.358 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Other
Щ.402 1915 Gorky Railway Kanash
Щ.423/1 ≤ 1915 Southwestern Railways Other
Щ.431 Gorky Railway Private
Щ.439 1910 Lithuanian Railway Private Завод "Жалгирис"
Щ.446 1910 Donetsk Railway Other
Щ.456/2 1915 Donetsk Railway Other
Щч.484 1917 Southwestern Railways Schors
Щ.487 Donetsk Railway Pokrovsk
Щ.497 1911 Uzbekistan railways Other
Щ.500 1911 Donetsk Railway Other
Щ.510 1911 Donetsk Railway Other
Щ.511 1911 Donetsk Railway Other
Щ.530 1912 Donetsk Railway Other
Щ.535 1912 Donetsk Railway Other
Щ.537 1912 Donetsk Railway Other
Щ.539 1915 06.1957 Gorky Railway Private Суслонгерский ЛПХ
Щ.601 Belarusian Railway Gomel
Щ.627 1913 1914 Northern Railway Other
Щ.635 1914 Lithuanian Railway Private Каунасгэсстрой
Щ.638 Odessa Railways Other
Щ.650 1914 Southwestern Railways Konotop
Щ.656 1914 Uzbekistan railways Other
Щ.657 1914 Other USSR Industrial rolling stock МЭС
Щ.685 1914 Uzbekistan railways Other
Щ.694 1914 Odessa Railways Podolsk
Щп.851 1914 Southwestern Railways Other
Щп.891 1915 1956 Turkmenistan railways Mari
Щ.1501 1909 Southern Railways Other
Щ.1508 1908 Odessa Railways Other
Щ.1509 1908 Latvian Railways Ventspils
Щ.1511 1914 L'viv Railways Other
Щ.1529 1909 October Railway Velikie Luki
Щ.1555 1909 October Railway Private
Щ.1573 1908 Southern Railways Other
Щ.1584 1908 October Railway Velikie Luki
Щ.1586 1908 Southern Railways Other
Щ.1652 1914 Odessa Railways Podolsk
Щ.1687 1915 Donetsk Railway Slavyansk
Щ.1692 1915 Donetsk Railway Slavyansk
Щ.1700 1915 Donetsk Railway Slavyansk
Щ.2030 Southwestern Railways Other
Щ.2031 Gorky Railway Other
Щ.2113 1912 October Railway Museum Котёл
Щ.2121 1912 Southwestern Railways Kiev-Pass.
Щн.2124 1820 01.1911 Southwestern Railways Kazatin
Щн.2128 1824 01.1911 Southwestern Railways Konotop
Щн.2129 1825 01.1911 Belarusian Railway Polock
Щн.2131 1827 01.1911 Odessa Railways Other
Щн.2133 1829 01.1911 Belarusian Railway Gomel
Щн.2134 1830 03.1911 Belarusian Railway Orsha
Щн.2135 1831 03.1911 Southwestern Railways Konotop
Щ.2143 Gorky Railway Private Игумновская ТЭЦ
Щ.2150 1913 Odessa Railways Other
Щ.2155 10.1912 October Railway Volhovstroi
Щ.2257 1913 Gorky Railway Other
Щ.2307 1909 Uzbekistan railways Other Ташкентской ж.д.
Щ.2335 Belarusian Railway Gomel
Щ.2409 1913 Southwestern Railways Locomotives 1870-194
Щ.2432 1956 Belarusian Railway Other
Щ.3012 Latvian Railways Other
Щ.3013 Latvian Railways Other
Щ.3017 Latvian Railways Other
Щ.3115 1913 06.1957 Gorky Railway Private Суслонгерский ЛПХ
Щ.3119 38 1914 Belarusian Railway Other
Щ.3131 38 1914 Ukraine, Other other
Щ.3151 Southwestern Railways Other
Щ.3209 Moldovan Railways Industrial vehicles Дрокиевский сахарный завод
Щ.3312 Southwestern Railways Locomotives 1870-194
Щ.3401 1912 Southwestern Railways Locomotives 1870-194
Щ.3402 1912 Southwestern Railways Other
Щ.3404 1912 Latvian Railways Other
Щ.3405 1912 Latvian Railways Other
Щ.3407 1912 Southwestern Railways Locomotives 1870-194
Щ.3409 1912 Latvian Railways Other
Щ.3502 1907 Latvian Railways Other
Щ.3545 1908 October Railway Other
Щ.3548 1908 Cisdnieper Railways Other
Щ.4001 1907 Cisdnieper Railways Other
Щ.4019 1907 Cisdnieper Railways Other
Щ.4020 1908 Cisdnieper Railways Other
Щ.4034 Southwestern Railways Locomotives 1870-194
Щ.4050 1908 Cisdnieper Railways Other
Щ.4060 1908 Cisdnieper Railways Other
Щ.4504 1907 Cisdnieper Railways Dnepr.
Щ.4506 1907 Southern Railways Other
Щ.4509 1907 Southwestern Railways Schors "Имени ОСОАВИАХИМа"
Щ.4541 1908 Odessa Railways Other
Щ.5014 1656 1908 Cisdnieper Railways Other
Щ.5026 1683 1908 Cisdnieper Railways Other
Щ.5058 1772 1910 1958 Estonian Railway Enefit Power AS
Щ.5060 1774 1910 Cisdnieper Railways Other
Щ.5062 1776 1910 Cisdnieper Railways Other
Щ.5065 1779 1910 Donetsk Railway Other
Щ.5067 1781 1910 Cisdnieper Railways Other
Щ.5068 1786 01.1910 1958 Estonian Railway Enefit Power AS
Щ.5070 1788 01.1910 Cisdnieper Railways Other
Щ.5072 1790 01.1910 Donetsk Railway Other
Щ.5450 Estonian Railway Enefit Power AS
Щч.5510 Moldovan Railways Chisinau
Щ.6001 1907 Cisdnieper Railways Other
Щ.6018 Odessa Railways Other
Щ.6501 108 1908 Gorky Railway Agryz
Щ.6503 1908 Estonian Railway Enefit Power AS
Щ.6504 108 1908 Cisdnieper Railways Other
Щ.6505 108 1908 Cisdnieper Railways Other
Щ.6510 108 1908 Cisdnieper Railways Other
Щ.6515 139 1914 Cisdnieper Railways Other
Щ.6516 139 1914 Cisdnieper Railways Other
Щ.6517 139 1913 South-Eastern Railway Balashov
Щ.6519 139 1914 Cisdnieper Railways Other

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Color coding

In operation
New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Abandoned / Dead storage
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Refurbishment (change of the serial number)
Transferred to another depot
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
Monument/Museum exhibit/Trainer


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