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Works number ID number Built Railway Depot Note
EDK1000/1-6 Southern Railways Service cars
EDK1000/1-18 South-Eastern Railway NLMK
EDK1000/1-22 Donetsk Railway Railway technics ВП Иловайск
EDK1000/1-022 18938720 1968 Southwestern Railways Service ДН-2
EDK1000/1-024 18938746 1968 Southwestern Railways Service ДН-2
EDK1000/1-33 Gorky Railway Service ВП Арзамас
EDK1000/1-39 18938795 1971 Cisdnieper Railways Service car ДН-3
EDK1000/1-43 1971 Belarusian Railway Service cars ВП ст. Волковыск
EDK1000/1-44 18938829 1971 L'viv Railways Service cars ВП-4512 Стрый
EDK1000/1-46 1340546 18938886 1971 Southern Railways Service cars ДН-2 Основа
EDK1000/1-47 1971 Uzbekistan railways Service cars
EDK1000/1-58 18938852 1972 Odessa Railways Service ДН-2
EDK1000/1-59 1972 Gorky Railway Service ВП Шахунья
EDK1000/1-62 00020462 1972 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Emergency trains ВП-6 Шалкар
EDK1000/1-71 1340571 18938712 1973 Donetsk Railway Railway technics ДН-4
EDK1000/1-76 1973 Estonian Railway Service
EDK1000/1-79 1973 Gorky Railway Service ВП Агрыз
EDK1000/1-89 18938894 1974 Southern Railways Service cars ДН-4
EDK1000/2-101 1974 Kazakhstan Temir Zholy Emergency trains ВП-23
EDK1000/2-104 18938340 1974 Odessa Railways Service ДН-1
EDK1000/2-105 18938357 1974 Cisdnieper Railways Service car ДН-2
EDK1000/2-108 18938480 1974 L'viv Railways Service cars ДН-3
EDK1000/2-110 18938407 1974 Southwestern Railways Service ДН-1
EDK1000/2-120 1975 South-Eastern Railway SGOK № 6
EDK1000/2-127 18938373 1975 Odessa Railways Odessa-Sort.
EDK1000/2-131 18938316 1976 Cisdnieper Railways Service car ДН-4
EDK1000/2-137 1340637 18938639 07.1976 Donetsk Railway Railway technics ДН-4
EDK1000/2-144 18938449 1976 Southwestern Railways Service ДН-4
EDK1000/2-157 18938571 1977 Donetsk Railway Railway technics ВП Лиман
EDK1000/2-161 18938613 1977 Southwestern Railways Service ДН-3
EDK1000/2-162 1977 Gorky Railway Service ВП Красноуфимск
EDK1000/2-170 1976 L'viv Railways Service cars ВП-3501 Здолбунов
EDK1000/2-182 19072826 Belarusian Railway Service cars ВП ст. Могилёв
EDK1000/2-201 18938940 197* Odessa Railways Service ВП Котовск
EDK1000/2-208 18938381 1979 Donetsk Railway Railway technics ДН-1
EDK1000/2-209 1980 Latvian Railways Service Рижский ВП-1
EDK1000/2-211 1980 Gorky Railway Service ВП Владимир
EDK1000/2-237 19627652 1981 Belarusian Railway Service cars ВП ст. Брест
EDK1000/2-247 18938472 1981 Southwestern Railways Service ДН-5
EDK1000/2-251 18938415 1981 Odessa Railways Service ДН-4
EDK1000/2-260 18938605 1982 Southern Railways Service cars ДН-3
EDK1000/2-261 1982 South-Eastern Railway Service cars
EDK1000/2-265 Donetsk Railway Ilyich Steel Iron Wo
EDK1000/2-271 South-Eastern Railway SGOK

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Color coding

In operation
New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Abandoned / Dead storage
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Refurbishment (change of the serial number)
Transferred to another depot
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
Monument/Museum exhibit/Trainer


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