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Кран с дизель-электрическим приводом, грузоподъёмностью 15 т

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ID number Built Written off Railway Depot Note
КДЭ151-34 1960 Far Eastern Railway DGK Биробиджанская ТЭЦ
КДЭ151-51 1960 October Railway IP
КДЭ151-72 1960 Zabaikal Railway Private
КДЭ151-144 1961 Moscow Railway Private
КДЭ151-173 Moscow Railway Moskva-Sort.-Ryazanskaya
КДЭ151-180 196* Odessa Railways NCSP
КДЭ151-185 Gorky Railway Private Чебоксарский агрегатный завод
КДЭ151-192 196* 202* Moscow Railway Moskva-Sort.-Ryazanskaya
КДЭ151-199 2017 Gorky Railway Nizhniy Novgorod Maintenance
КДЭ151-208 Belarusian Railway Service cars
КДЭ151-216 18910539 1962 Odessa Railways Podolsk
КДЭ151-226 1962 October Railway Museum
КДЭ151-239 1962 Northern Railway PMS-65 Konosha
КДЭ151-248 18910596 1962 L'viv Railways Mukachevo
КДЭ151-262 18910547 1962 Southern Railways Service is the path ПМС-133 Купянск
КДЭ151-274 1962 Moscow Railway Moskva-Kievskaya
КДЭ151-276 18910554 1962 Southwestern Railways Service is the path ПЧ-4
КДЭ151-308 1962 2012 Moscow Railway Moskva-Kievskaya
КДЭ151-327 1962 2014 Moscow Railway Bekasovo
КДЭ151-333 196* 2005 Southwestern Railways Service Казатинская механизированная дистанция грузо-погрузочных работ
КДЭ151-347 ≥ 1962 Belarusian Railway Service cars
КДЭ151-366 October Railway Service
КДЭ151-372 Moscow Railway Bekasovo
КДЭ151-376 2017 Gorky Railway Nizhniy Novgorod Maintenance
КДЭ151-394 18910562 1963 Odessa Railways Pomoshnaja
КДЭ151-396 1963 Moldovan Railways Service ПЧ-5 Бельцы
КДЭ151-397 Latvian Railways Service INFN-2 Daugavpils
КДЭ151-399 18910570 1963 L'viv Railways Рower supply service СМПЭ
КДЭ151-429 Moscow Railway Vyazma Ожидание исключения из инвентарного парка
КДЭ151-431 2017 Moscow Railway Vyazma
КДЭ151-431 1963 Moscow Railway Moskva-Kievskaya
КДЭ151-439 1963 1986 Moscow Railway Lobnya (EMU)
КДЭ151-443 1963 11.2011 Cisdnieper Railways Service ПМС-237 Пятихатки
КДЭ151-448 1963 2012 Moscow Railway Moskva-Kievskaya
КДЭ151-467 18910588 1964 Odessa Railways Shevchenko
КДЭ151-470 1964 Moscow Railway Moskva-Kievskaya

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Color coding

In operation
New (was not in regular operation)
Out of order
Abandoned / Dead storage
Written off
Current location and condition are unknown
Refurbishment (change of the serial number)
Transferred to another depot
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
Monument/Museum exhibit/Trainer


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