Moscow RailwayTChE-5 Orekhovo
Kuybyshev RailwayTChE-19 Ufa
TChE-12 Kinel'

Railway District/Company:Moscow Railway
Depot:TChE-5 Orekhovo
Category:Main Electric Locomotives
Current condition: Current location and condition are unknown 
С завода поступил в депо Кинель Куйбышевской ж. д.

04.2018 — передан в депо Уфа
03.2019 — передан в депо Орехово Московской ж. д.

КР-1 Челябинский ЭРЗ 03.1983 г.
КР-1 Челябинский ЭРЗ 02.1988 г.
КР-2 Челябинский ЭРЗ 09.1993 г.
СР Екатеринбургский ЭРЗ 01.2003 г.
СР Новосибирский ЭРЗ 12.2007 г.
КР Челябинский ЭРЗ 09.2012 г.
СР Челябинский ЭРЗ 02.2019 г.

Railway District/Company:Moscow Railway
Depot:TChE-5 Orekhovo
Passed to an other railway (or to a plant)
March 2019
Railway District/Company:Kuybyshev Railway
Depot:TChE-19 Ufa
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Depot:TChE-19 Ufa
Transferred to another depot
April 2018
Depot:TChE-12 Kinel'
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Model Depot Built
ВЛ10У-377 VL10U Orekhovo 24.01.1978

Lists of rolling stock:
—  Moscow Railway → TChE-5 Orekhovo → VL10U
—  Kuybyshev Railway → TChE-19 Ufa → VL10U
—  Kuybyshev Railway → TChE-12 Kinel' → VL10U
—  Moscow Railway → TChE-5 Orekhovo
—  Kuybyshev Railway → TChE-19 Ufa
—  Kuybyshev Railway → TChE-12 Kinel'
—  Moscow Railway → VL10U
—  Kuybyshev Railway → VL10U
—  VL10U